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Dreams Mean a Lot to Me! by Tom Chapman

Dreams don't always come true in this life, but we should never stop dreaming. To dream is to trust in more than ourselves!

Why should our dreams be reasonable? I dream every night; I often remember what I dream at least in the early morning. My dreams are very vivid and interesting because they are so real. Often I see a mix of what I know in the real world together with new drama that is strangely played out. Story lines that are obscure and in some ways make no sense and in other ways do.

I remember that Daniel in the Bible was a great conduit, a great translator and interpreter of dreams, including the question about the end of days. He not only interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar II dream but he told him the dream he had which Daniel accredits to God's wisdom.

Nebuchadnezzar was the Assyrian king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, who reigned in 605 BC - 562 BC. Both the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem's temple in 586 BC are ascribed to him. He is featured in the Book of Daniel and is mentioned in several other books of the Bible.

I'm sure Daniel appreciated the value of dreams and so do I. I will share my most real and strange yet insightful and spiritual dream with you back in the 1980's. I always had fights in my dreams and I always won, maybe because I am an alpha male who was a champion black belt in judo and karate. But maybe it was so much more than that so let me explain.

One night I saw two men coming into my house who pistol whipped me to the floor and then shot me in the head and killed me. I could see my body lying there as I hovered in the top corner of the ceiling and the criminals discussed what they had done. And then the next thing I knew I was looking at the roof of my house and then I could see I was moving quickly away from the earth into space and time.

What was strange? Well for one, I never lost a fight before in any dream much less got shot in the head and was killed. Secondly I could not believe that I had removed myself from my body. My consciousness was hovering overhead as I listened to their chatter and looked at the scene of the crime.

I cannot tell you a lot about my dream beyond that except I can tell you that what happened when I woke up. When I woke up I had two major thoughts and strong feelings, number one was I did not want to come back and number two was I not only had joy but what I would call supernatural joy!

Yes, these were very strange and real feelings that I had when I awoke. I had this supernatural joy that would not wear off. I remember I went into the shower and was taking a shower and I had this supernatural joy. Then for the next two or three hours of the morning that day it did not wear off .... I had a supernatural joy! Now the word joy that we use does not do justice or explain the level of joy that I was experiencing. It was a joy so great that we cannot explain it. Then, I had this very strong sense that I did not want to come back and I wished that I had not come back that is how strong the joy felt to me.

I lost my fear of dying that night and I know it was just a dream but it was a very real to me! It was a different kind of dream! A dream that felt very real and a dream I will take to my grave. It was more than just a dream it was a revelation! Not about my end but about the joy set before me!

Yes, Dreams mean a lot to me!

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